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Jowen, Retail Manager

The Anesi Correction Serum and Cream worked very well for my acne skin. I have tried many products that did not help as much as these products did for me. My skin cleared up fairly quickly. The cream is light, it does not feel heavy on my skin and does not clog my pores. I would highly recommend this for problematic skin. Love it!

Nathalie @nathspain

The Moisture Booster Face Serum helps my skin to appear lifted and moisturised day after day. It contains 26 mineral elements and environmental friendly brand.

Pauline Ng, from BeautyInsider

Got this product as a gift from one of my friend. What I like about this product as it makes my life easier as I just need to spray directly on my face, without using any cotton pad. You can feel it literally absorb into your skin and your skin feel plumper and refresh. Cant really feel the effect of the physical appearance but one thing for sure after the spray, my makeup look more settle on my skin, more natural looking. The price is slightly high but thrust me, it will last longer than you expected.

Yuyu, from BeautyInsider

I been using this toner for 1 month now and its really help my combination skin by improving the texture of my skin. I also noticed that it helps balance up my skin which is very soothing and has a light pleasant smell.

Meixin, from BeautyInsider

I certainly will recommend this, especially as I've experienced much better results from this eye creams after 3 year using different brands. If you're looking for an eye cream that works this is definitely the one. Moisturising, calm, soothing, and gentle on my eye area!

Geraldine Tan, from BeautyInsider

I am a huge fan for this product. Not greasy or heavy. This was one of my first eye creams. Really worked on my tired eye and heavy under eye bag whenever i do not have enough sleep. However I think this would be only affordable for upper class of beauty conscious lady due to the slightly high price. Other than that, this product is definitely effective for what it claimed and worth of buying .

Xing En, from BeautyInsider

Not entirely sure if this helps reduce the appearance of lines yet, but it does keep my undereye area moisturised and does NOT cause milia which was one of my main concerns. So will keep using till I see the result of it disappearing my fine line.

Christine Cheng, from BeautyInsider

A luxurious feel and scent. My eye looked and felt more vibrant after my first use. The results seem to be cumulative over time, which I prefer over the quick fixes but have no long term results.

Asheli Wang, from BeautyInsider

I have been using this product for a month, and my mum actually noticing the difference. It brightens my eyes, takes away the puffiness, and has greatly reduced the fine lines under my eyes. However, the cost of this product is not cheap. But due to its effectiveness, I will definitely repurchase.