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Anesi is a Spanish brand that is distributed in more than 90 countries worldwide. It offers a wide range of products combining the highest percentage of latest technology active ingredients with unique aromas and textures. The signature treatments combine technology with wellness protocols and massage techniques to offer a unique sensorial experience and visible changes in your skin.

Sole Distributor: Since May 2018 to Present


There is a fine line between safety and efficacy in the world of professional dermal and wellness care. The ability to balance both brings BelleWave a step closer to the cherished goal – skin perfection. BelleWave paves its way to skin perfection through a single-minded approach: precision. Precision lies at the heart of all that we do, from research, diagnosis to formulation.

In research, BelleWave harnesses the very precise nature of Swiss work culture and pinpoint accuracy of the latest technology to push the frontiers of cellular rejuvenation. Revolutionary breakthroughs are translated into formulations that use safe and effective botanical ingredients to deliver lasting results. Wholly committed to its quest for perfection, BelleWave inspires confidence amongst today’s women who seek significant and lasting results from brands that have their total well-being in mind.

Sole Distributor: Since August 2018 to Present


Centella is made in France and purely organic. Founded in 1972, Centella is used throughout Europe as a professional certified organic skin care range. The active ingredient in Centella products, Centella Asiatica, is used widely throughout the world of medical treatment for post-operative scarring, acne, anti-aging, varicose veins and weight loss. The nickname of Centella Asiatica is "Tiger Grass" because of a fabulous legend - the tigers in India will rub up against Centella Asiatica in order to treat their wounds by the fluid. Due to its excellent healing ability, it is believed to be a magical herb from India.

Centella is certified and awarded by European Organic Organisation, including BIO (Cosmebio), ECOCERT and ECOCERT Fair Trade.

Sole Distributor: Since January 2016 to Present

Christian Breton

The story begins in the 1960s, in France, when Christian Breton’s mother, an eminent scientist and genetic specialist, headed an elite team of researchers. The question: “What does genetic have to do with skin typing and consequently, how can Genetic and DNA-RNA help cure skin diseases?” Fifteen years after the project began; Dr BRETON and her team had found several answers.

Extremely interested by science and beauty, Christian Breton decided that cosmetic would be his life. Taking the benefit of his mother’s research and results, Christian Breton launched his cosmetic company introducing the very first Problem-Solving Skin Care Range.

The success was immediate: Made to Measure Skin Care was born!

Sole Distributor: Since October 2015 to Present


Depilève is the leading brand in the world for professional waxing systems sold in 91 countries and used in over 120 worlwide. Depilève believes the best professional waxing systems must be accompanied with bespoke cosmetics that treat and condition to reveal beautiful skin after hair removal. The wide range offers the beautician the possibility to treat any imaginable skin condition or skin type, maximising the comfort and effectiveness of each treatment, with specific home care products that enhances the results of each professional waxing treatment.


Sole Distributor: Since May 2018 to Present


Gemology is the first ever brand in the world of cosmetics based on the use of minerals and trace elements, developed from properties of 20 precious and semi-precious gemstones. Gemology works on the maxim that skin requires a daily dose of trace elements such as iron, magnesium, zinc. Through liquefaction and chemical compounding, Gemology’s cosmetology laboratories are now able to extract the natural trace elements present in minerals and use them in beauty care products which has been scientifically proven for multiple benefits.

Sole Distributor: Since January 2018 to Present


Hydraflore, a sister brand of Centella, was created based on a phyto-floral concept to meet the expectations of young skin. It designs each of its ranges around a flower with extraordinary powers, enhanced by natural and lush modern substances for the best beauty effects, including offering a solution specially formulated for hypersensitive skin, pregnant or breastfeeding women as well as toddlers.

Both Centella and Hydraflore are certified and awarded by European Organic Organisation, including BIO (Cosmebio), ECOCERT and ECOCERT Fair Trade.

Sole Distributor: Since January 2016 to Present

La Cure Beaute

The origin of La Cure Beaute is the incredible Mineral-Rich Thermal Water from Salies-de-Bearn that springs from the Pyrenees Mountains, France. It has chosen to use this active water at the heart of their formulas to develop a skincare range combining nature, innovation and excellence.

Protected from pollution from thousands of years, this exceptional water is enriched with 26 trace elements including calcium, magnesium, zinc and gold. Its concentration of 300g salt per litre is higher than that of dead sea and ten times hinger than that of seawater, giving this water exceptional properties which enhance the benefits of La Cure Beaute products, transforming them into true elixirs of youth.

Sole Distributor: Since June 2019 to Present